‘Energy Efficiency First’: getting the priorities right for the Energy Union

Stakeholders discuss how to make ‘Energy Efficiency First’ happen 
Brussels, 7 May 2015 – The Coalition for Energy Savings hosted a conference on the ‘Energy Efficiency First’ principle yesterday in Brussels. The event brought together representatives from the EU institutions, investors, industry and civil society members to discuss the Energy Union motto as promoted by the European Commission, and its links with the EU investment plan for jobs and growth.
The Coalition for Energy Savings believes that ‘Energy Efficiency First’ should be the guiding principle to redress the historic bias towards prioritising increasing supply over saving energy. This means considering the potential for energy efficiency first in all decision-making related to energy. Where energy efficiency improvements are shown to be most cost-effective, considering also their role in driving jobs and economic growth, increasing energy security and reducing climate change, these should be prioritised.

The Coalition for Energy Savings has released a position paper on how to put energy efficiency first into action, which will help deliver a truly cost-effective and inspiring Energy Union.

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