Carbon capture and storage: Commission adopts report on CCS Directive implementation

In the context of the State of the Energy Union report, the European Commission today adopted the second implementation report on the CCS Directive, which lays down the rules for the safe geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the EU.

The report concludes that the provisions of the CCS Directive have been consistently applied across the EU Member States during the reporting period from May 2013 to April 2016. Some Member States have advanced in their assessments of storage capacity, but further and more detailed assessments will be needed for any new projects.

Newly built power plants are generally going beyond the requirements of the Directive and are setting aside land for the equipment necessary to capture CO2, should the conditions change in the future and carbon capture and storage (CCS) become technically and economically feasible.
The report follows the Commission's first report on the implementation of the CCS Directive, published in February 2014. The Commission will continue to assess the implementation of the Directive, with the next report planned for October 2019.
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