New publication! LIFE managing habitats for birds

The latest LIFE Focus publication from LIFE Nature highlights the crucial link between habitat management and the conservation of Europe's threatened bird species LIFE managing habitats for birds offers a host of examples from projects that have introduced management programmes for wetlands, grasslands, forests and other habitats favoured by endangered birds.
Human interventions, such as regular cutting of reed beds or grazing cattle on wet meadows, are necessary to provide the right conditions for many species, including migratory birds.
LIFE co-funding has played an important role in kickstarting habitat management through the drafting of management plans, the provision of education and training for farmers, land managers and other stakeholders and by enabling the purchase of machinery and livestock to maintain in a favourable status habitats that are important to species listed in the annexes of the EU Birds and Habitats directives.
With more than 120 featured projects, there are numerous practical examples and lessons that can be drawn from the LIFE programme's work in this area and taken forward into the 2014-2020 funding period.
If you are interested in ordering a printed copy of this and other LIFE Focus publications, please visit the ordering publications section of the LIFE website from February 2013.

Download: LIFE managing habitats for birds
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