Best LIFE Environment Projects 2012

The Best LIFE Environment projects 2012 publication profiles those environment projects that were completed by the end of 2012 and were acknowledged at the LIFE Environment Awards as having achieved outstanding results. For the ninth consecutive year, the awards highlighted best practices and innovative actions that can be replicated in other areas of Europe.
This year, a total of 13 LIFE projects were honoured with the accolade, 'Best' LIFE Environment project, while a further four projects were selected for special praise as 'Best of the Best' LIFE Environment projects. The four 'Best of the Best' projects achieved great advances in water management and demonstrated a range of transferable measures. All 17 winners are featured in this publication. They collectively highlight the huge potential of the LIFE programme for helping Member States implement environmental policy on a national and European level.

Download: Best LIFE Environment Projects 2012

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