CALL FOR PAPERS: Between Scylla and Charybdis: energy security and climate change challenges in the EU

Loughborough University, 18-19th September 2009

The Centre for the Study of International Governance, in the Department of Politics, International Relations and European Studies of Loughborough University, is organising a two-day conference on EU energy security and climate change policy. The aim of the conference is to shed light on the EU’s approach to addressing these two challenges, as well as producing policy recommendations. A second objective is to raise public awareness of these issues and the role of the EU in managing them. The conference will bring together scholars concerned with energy security, energy efficiency and climate change. In addition, it is intended that representatives of the renewable energy sector and local authorities will participate. The conference will be divided into panels as follows:
1. Energy security in the EU.
2. Technological developments and solutions.
3. How can Europe utilise more renewable energy?
4. The ‘solution’ of nuclear energy.
5. The UK’s response to environmental and energy challenges.
6. The impact of EU environmental targets and directives on industry and public policy.

The organisers welcome proposals from academics working in relevant areas (such as Political Science, International Relations, International Political Economy, Law etc), the business sector, NGOs and policy-makers and other practitioners working in the field. A 200 word abstract together with proposers’ details should be submitted. For further information and submissions please contact:
Fotis Mavromatidis f.mavromatidis@lboro.ac.uk Michael Mulligan m.r.j.mulligan@lboro.ac.uk

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