Conference on environment, climate change and security

[για μετάφραση, αν απαιτείται, κλικ στην ελληνική σημαία δεξιά]

This conference will be held in Stockholm 15 October. The purpose is to highlight and address the links between climate change and security in the broadest sense of the term.
It will focus on the consequences of climate change for the most vulnerable societies and regions in the world, as well as reflect the growing challenges to emerging economies and developed countries.
The aim of the Stockholm Conference is to increase our understanding of the challenges and contribute to the search for solutions. The starting point is that a common human learning process will benefit all societies, regardless of the degree of development and vulnerability.
What are the challenges and how is the world changing? To what extent is climate change a conflict driver or a peace multiplier? International specialists will address the linkages between development, conflict and climate change.
How can we address the challenges? How are human societies across the globe adjusting to climate change? Speakers from affected regions will bring their perspectives and experiences on adaptation strategies to the debate.
The Stockholm Conference will bring together distinguished international experts and policymakers, representatives of EU Member States and civil society for an evening and a full day of fruitful exchanges of views and perspectives. The Stockholm Conference aims at those concerned with the interface of climate change, security and development. Together, we will forge a message that can be passed on to the Copenhagen Summit COP 15 and beyond.

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