European Commission: Results of the public consultation on reducing CO2 emissions from road vehicles

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The results of the Commission's online consultation on strategy and options to reduce road vehicle greenhouse gas emissions are now available. Between September and December 2011, the Commission held an online public consultation on road vehicle CO2 emissions.
The consultation was designed to gather input for a review of the 2020 targets for emissions of CO2 from cars and vans, for which an Impact Assessment is currently in preparation in view of a proposal to be presented this summer. The consultation also provides input for the Commission's work to develop a strategy on reducing Heavy Duty Vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, scheduled for 2013.
The online consultation received over 3,000 responses, the majority from individuals with 137 from registered stakeholder organisations.
A large number of respondents, primarily individuals, felt that binding legislation with ambitious targets was essential if road vehicle emissions are to continue to be reduced. On the other hand, some representatives of vehicle manufacturers raised concerns over setting new long-term targets, claiming that the targets in place are already challenging.
Although there were some differing views on the appropriate methods and initiatives for reducing road vehicle emissions, responses were broadly supportive of the need for a policy to reduce road vehicle greenhouse gas emissions in line with overall EU climate objectives.
A detailed analysis is available in the summary PDF file [296 KB] of the responses.

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