LIFE+: The seventh call for proposals was published on 19 February 2013

The seventh LIFE+ call for proposals was published on 19 February, 2013, with up to €278 million available for co-financing of projects under three headings: Nature and Biodiversity (NAT); Environment Policy and Governance (ENV); and Information and Communication (INF).

Project proposals should be submitted to the relevant national authority using the eProposal tool no later than 16:00 hours (Brussels time) on 25 June, 2013.
Member States will forward proposals to the European Commission by 5 July, 2013. The earliest possible starting date for 2013 projects is 1 June, 2014.

Please note that applicants must only use the eProposal tool to create and submit proposal(s) under the 2013 LIFE+ Call for Proposals.

For more information on the call, click here.

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