Back-loading: 2014 auction volume reduced by 400 million allowances

The number of allowances to be auctioned for the remainder of the calendar year 2014 has been reduced by 400 million to reflect the implementation of back-loading. The revised auction calendars published today by EEX and ICE take account of this reduction.

The first auctions to be affected by back-loading will be ICE's auction for the UK on 12 March, followed by EEX's auction on 17 March for the Member States participating in the common auction platform and EEX's auction on 21 March for Germany. Auctions held prior to these dates are not affected. From April onwards EEX will not conduct any further auctions on behalf of Poland. Polish auctions will resume in 2015.
The amendment to the Auctioning Regulation implementing back-loading was published in the Official Journal yesterday.

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