Invitation - 2011 EURELECTRIC Annual Convention & Conference

"Investment Prospects and Governance Issues"

Renewable energy sources have come under increasing scrutiny as governments and energy firms re-think nuclear investments in the wake of the Fukushima catastrophe of early March - with analysts betting on a renaissance in coal and gas power in the years to come. The deteriorating economics, in the short term at least, for new plant construction has in turn fuelled the debate on Europe's future energy policy and the broader EU energy mix, which is likely to see the balance shift rather more strongly in favour of renewable energy options.But an increasing share of intermittent renewables, such as wind and solar, also calls for more investment in flexible and backup capacity, including alternatives such as clean coal and gas fired plants, CCS and DSM and storage.

Despite this sense of urgency, a lack of public acceptance and cumbersome permitting procedures are some of the obstacles that are delaying necessary investments in renewable energy sources. There is no time to waste in adequately preparing Europe's energy system for the future, yet the average European power line currently takes 12 years to complete.
How can the public's positive attitude towards carbon-neutrality in general be translated into public acceptance of particular investments in wind mills, power lines or CCS projects? Which actions are needed to foster a positive investment climate for energy infrastructure and renewables? How can the necessary roll-out of renewables, backup capacity and infrastructure be financed without unduly burdening customers, while ensuring a fair rate of return?
European and international stakeholders will debate these issues at the EURELECTRIC Annual Conference in Stockholm on 13-14 June, "Delivering Investments to Meet Europe's Energy and Climate Needs".
Session 2 on "Investment Prospects and Governance Issues" will discuss how to ensure a stable and predictable regulatory regime which will allow crucial investments to be delivered in Europe; both in power generation and high voltage transmission infrastructure. Introductory keynote speeches will be followed by two parallel panel debates - on the Investment Climate in general and on the specific challenges of Investments in Renewables.
Invited keynote speakers and panellists will use this session to outline the different views of the European Parliament, regulators, the European electricity industry, investment banks and consultancies.
A parallel exhibition on Smart Energy will showcase answers to the 2050 challenge and give a flavour of tomorrow's energy solutions.
An exciting programme of social side events will also take place throughout the two-day event, including a pre-conference tour of Stockholm, a Welcome Cocktail in the impressive Vasa Museum and a Gala Dinner in Stockholm City Hall, venue for the prestigious annual Nobel Banquet.
Registration is now open at www.eurelectric.org/Stockholm2011. The full conference programme is also available online.

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