EURELECTRIC: Comments On Commission’s 2050 Low Carbon Roadmap

Following today’s presentation by the European Commission of its “Roadmap for moving to a low carbon economy by 2050”, EURELECTRIC has welcomed the roadmap as “a significant guide to the EU’s policy makers in the construction of the necessary framework to deliver a low carbon economy in Europe.”

“In particular, we welcome the fact that it reflects and reinforces our view that electricity will play a central role in delivering a low carbon European economy. However, we consider that this objective should be reached through a more balanced contribution from all different sources of emissions (transport, industry, buildings etc.)”, the EURELECTRIC statement continues.

It adds: “The Roadmap is a first step towards defining the elements of that longer term clarity and predictability which will enable our companies to begin to plan and execute the significant investments which will be needed to deliver a low carbon economy.”

EURELECTRIC’s full reaction to the Commission communication can be downloaded here

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